A traveling exhibition of the international children's contest "School patent-step into the future!" has a five-year history. Its opening was officially held at the IV Saint Petersburg International Innovation Forum in 2011.
The organizer and the main ideologist of the exhibition is the Institute of International Business and Law of ITMO University. All exhibits are works of the winners of the contest "School patent - step into the future!".
Initially, its exposition consisted of paintings and inventions created by school students. They were original, diverse, and creative. However, the exhibition has significantly changed in recent years. New unconventional areas of children's creativity and inventiveness have appeared. The number of participants and accordingly the number of works worthy to take their place at the exhibition has continued to grow.  
The fund has accumulated a lot of interesting works of children from different parts of Russia and neighboring countries. The geography of the contest has been expanding. Travelling exhibitions which everyone can visit are held at schools, innovative forums, creative centers, and the House of Scientists expanding the circle of friends and colleagues who are ready to host it.
The exhibition develops and grows forming a new exhibition material filled with creative ideas and the innovative potential.
 We invite everyone to touch the creativity and innovation through the wonderful masterpieces of creative youth!